Wax Injector Technology

Riacetech Srl was founded in 2006 from the idea of Giovanni Lejkowski. It is based in Arezzo, the Tuscan heart of the jewelery sector.
A dynamic and technologically advanced company, it focuses its core business on the creation of innovative wax injectors, fully controllable and programmable. It provides all the companies in the casting industry with a wide range of totally automatic and certified machines, all with different functionalities and configurations, that are suitable for Industry 4.0 and meet all the needs of the jewelery and fashion accessories world. It also provides a rich variety of consumable products.
Riacetech expresses the results of its constant desire for innovation and research for perfection in a product that is a guarantee of high quality, offering constant technical support to the consumer and new ideas and suggestions for optimizing internal processes and the final result.


Riacewax Features

Custom color
Color touch screen
Made in Italy technology
3 years warranty
4.0 Industry
10.1′ Industrial PC
7″ Color touch screen
Customizables models
High production
Vacuum chart
RFID microchips
Recipes with photos
Production APP
Interchangeable clamps
Double working stations
Full automatic machine
Different size of mould
Cooler included
Statistics APP
Rubber holder
Digital vacuum switch
Vertical loading of moulds
Horizontal loading of moulds
Maxi clamps
Big clamps
Hydroresin process
Extruded wax
3D Hollow wax pieces
Double tank

Riacewax video

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Our production of 5 different types of waxes allows us to meet all of our customer’s needs as they are adaptable to various uses and molds.

RiaceWax – Injector unboxing and assembly instruction

We will show you how you can easily unbox and install step by step your brand new RiaceWax injector.

RiaceWax in Vicenzaoro January 2020 – T.Gold

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