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Riacetech Srl provides all the companies in the world of the microfinishing jewellery with a wide range of injectors with different functionalities and configurations, suitable to meet all the needs of the world of jewelry and fashion accessories, and a rich variety of consumables.

With its latest generation wax injectors, fully automatic and certified suitable for Industry 4.0, Riacetech expresses the result of its continuous research in the ability to provide the best service to the customers, with the ultimate aim of facilitating production planning without ever losing sight of the guarantee of high quality of the product.

To this, thanks to the feedback and the successes collected, puts besides the continuous thirst for innovation and pursuit of perfection, constantly offering to the customer new ideas and suggestions for the optimization of internal processes and the final result.

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Catalogue 2019
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Riacewax injectors offer a brand new way of working. Our lntuitive line, whose succes is now consolidated in the market, uses a tablet with Android interface to manage the machine, which provides the operator with many new possibilities: mobility, connectivity, storage and practicality are just some of the many features of our injectors.
Thanks to the commands interfaced with simple icons, they greatly simplify their use even for the most inexperienced.



Our accessories have the intent of making less difficult and faster the outline process for the preparation of waxes and rubber molds.

The goal that we set ourselves in their realization is to facilitate some delicate production steps such as cutting the tires and speeding up the process itself.



Our Formula, Our Production

RiaceChem is constantly engaged in the development of new ideas and new products. The result of this assiduous work is the creation of new injection waxes through an innovative extrusion process, which makes them more homogeneous, reducing waste at the same time. In this way, we are able to satisfy the most varied types of productions: from massive objects up to the most thin and watermarked ones.


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